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Our Mission

Constructing a quality product is important to a lot of companies. Frontier Bridge aims to construct quality relationships along the way. From the employees, to partnering subcontractors and suppliers, to the agency who contracted us. Our goal is to create an environment where those involved enjoy working with us and enjoy producing a quality end result.


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“I find it best to take one step at a time and cross each bridge as they come to you”

-Michael Stuhlbarg

Presented to the highway bridge contracting firm completing construction on the highest quality bridge structure in the state of Oklahoma as adjudged by the Oklahoma department of transportation.

This award is offered as a tribute to the Pharaoh family of Henrietta. Pioneers in the bridge construction industry. O.J. Pharaoh Sr. was one of the original seven members of the board of the association of Oklahoma General Contractors chartered in 1936.

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